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Will The Friday Docback Learn That 'Death Is The Only Answer' While Attending 'The Wedding Of River Song'?? READER REACTION To DOCTOR WHO's Sixth Series/Season Finale Is Here!!




Merrick here...

This weekend brings "The Wedding of River Song" - the final episode of DOCTOR WHO's Sixth Season/Series - along with "Death is the Only Answer," a mini-episode written by Script To Screen contest winners from Oakley CE Junior School.  

I can't believe this Season/Series has gone by so quickly - even with that hideous mid-Seasons/Series break, this wave of episodes is ending far too soon.  



The Doctor and River Song challenge the mandates of time and destiny at 5:02 PM, April 22, 2011.  


Considering the tenor of many Docbacks across the last few weeks, I'm betting this episode will not be many viewers are expecting.  

By this I mean: those searching for resolution to S6's grand mysteries may well find their curiosity partially satiated.  But, like myself, a number of WHOvians may also be surprised to learn that "Wedding" is more of a pit-stop than an actual climax or finale.  Many "answers" here point toward further questions.  Resolutions have important consequences which ripple into the current mythology's future, and so on. We quickly learn that we've yet to see the whole of Steven Moffat's gloriously demented puzzle laid out for us - a gutsy move at this point in the show, and a notion to which it took me a while to adapt.  
I think it's very important to mention this because, when I first saw "Wedding,"  I was underwhelmed and frustrated.  But then I started thinking about the matter with a clear head, and realized that…at no point (that I'm aware of, at least)…have The Moff, or BBC, or anyone involved with the show promised the level of resolution I, myself, was craving.  That's baggage I brought to the table. 
Revisiting "Wedding" again with this filter firmly in place, I found myself enjoying the episode quite a bit.  Despite a few annoyingly slapdash moments (there are several references to off-screen events which could've been presented more effectively), "Wedding" is fast, clever, bouncy, whimsical, dopey, and sweet - and offers one of the most kick-ass transitions from "Previously On…" into the episode itself that I've ever seen.  
"Wedding" lacks the conceptual/emotional punch of last Season's "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" - but I'd argue that it's in no way trying to equal or best either of those installments, nor should it.  Because, again, the endgame here is not the "resolution/conclusion" those titles were striving for…rather a transition into the next phase of the show.  
Based on the final moments of this story, my strong hunch...about which I may well  be proven that S7 will utilize more standalone episodes - with a particular event referenced in "Wedding" becoming the crux of a 50th Anniversary blow-out of some sort (will 2013 be promoted with the phrase "Happy WHO Year!")?   You'll quickly be able to piece together what I mean when you encounter said references, and I'm pretty sure more than one of you may end up agreeing with my theory.  
For my money, DOCTOR WHO is still the best show on television.  It flagrantly shuns conventional storytelling conceits in a number of ways, and possesses an alchemistic capacity for transforming potentially hackneyed notions into conceptual gold.  It isn't afraid to be a little silly from time to time, but also reciprocates by taking intrinsically goofy concepts and inflating them to operatic and emotionally resonant levels. That's madness…glorious, enviable, compelling madness.  As imperfect as it can sometimes be, current DOCTOR WHO is still bold, it is still ballsy, and remains steadfastly determined to keep audiences on their feet.   
When shows are structured like current DW, it's hard not to harbor concerns that the current Powers That Be might someday take the same misstep as, say, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and LOST - both of which flagrantly demonstrated that advancing spectacular ideas is far less challenging than growing them to rewarding fruition.  But I don't think that'll be the case here.  With "The Wedding of River Song," my sense of the matter is that Moffat & Co. have locked a strong "macro" destination firmly into their nav systems. Now all we have to do is sit back, breathe deeply, and let them carry us to their payoff.  
Even if doing so may sometimes tax the patience of a schmuck like me...
"The Wedding of River Song" airs at 7:05pm (UK) on BBC One and 9/8c on BBC America
"Death is the Only Answer" 
As mentioned above, this is mini-episode written by Junior School kids and airing Saturday on the (last ever?) DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL, 8pm (UK) on BBC 3.  
I haven't seen it, but recent CONFIDENTIAL reports on the story reveal it that 1) the Doctor's fez apparently makes a return appearance, which is important because fezzes are cool, and 2) the plot has something to do with Albert Einstein.  
Don't forget to watch it this weekend (on DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL's final episode) and comment in the Docback below!  
The big news of this week was BBC's cancelation of DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL (see my thoughts on the matter HERE).  
To the best of my knowledge, no other series on television is accompanied by a regular "Making of…" addendum - making both DOCTOR WHO and its CONFIDENTIAL counterpart unique features on the television landscape.  CONFIDENTIAL is not a perfect show, and I do feel should sometimes tighten its focus a bit, but I firmly believe there should be more programs like it on the air, not fewer.  

In a very real sense, early (unedited) DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIALs helped me to find the background and clarity of subject matter I needed to form my initial approach/angle for these Docbacks, so  I can't escape the feeling that we should try to give 'em something back in a time of obvious need.  The best I can conjure at the moment is an online petition set up by the SaveDWC undertaking.  At the time of this posting, 19, 500 signatures have already been amassed and it's still going strong.  
I realize the notion of a petition does not sit well with everybody - and I noted in bit of divisiveness in Talkbacs accompanying my previous post on the matter.  But, in the end, it feels better to try something than to do nothing at all.  You can find it HERE.

After this weekend, Friday Docbacks will revert to a "retro" emphasis, detouring whenever new installments of current WHO come around.  While a degree of reader attrition is both natural and expected at this time, we hope relatively new Docbackers will consider remaining with us as we once more transition to broader WHO-related subject matter.  Even if "classic" WHO isn't your thing, a wide range of DW-related discussion (current DW news, previews of upcoming newWHO, discussions of various video and audio releases, etc.) happens in these Docbacks.  We've a fun, interesting, insightful, dynamic, friendly, and all around remarkable group of regulars here - we'd truly love for you to be a part of the festivities.  

So, back to our standard MO next Friday (October 7) - with our next contemporary WHO Docback going online the morning Friday December 23 (based on the time-tested assumption that the forthcoming DW Christmas Special will actually air on Christmas Day).  
Finally, by popular request, we'll be launching Lockbacks when new installments of Moffat/Gatiss' SHERLOCK arrive next year.  So brush up on your Holmes...


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See DOCTOR WHO  Season/Series Six Episode 1  - "The Impossible Astronaut"  - in HD HERE and standard def HERE.  

See "Day of The Moon" - the second installment of the season premiere linked above - in HD HERE and standard def HERE.  

Episode 3 - "The Curse Of The Black Spot" - can be found in HD HERE or standard def HERE.

Episode 4 - "The Doctor's Wife"  - is available HERE in HDwhile standard def is availabe HERE

Episode 5 - "The Rebel Flesh" - can be seen HERE in HD, or viewed in standard def HERE.

Episode 6 - "The Almost People" - can be found HERE in HD and HERE in standard def.  

Episode 7 - "A Good Man Goes To War" is HERE in HD and is in standard def HERE.

Episode 8 - "Let's Kill Hitler" - in HD HERE and standard def HERE

Episode 9 - "Night Terrors" - HD HERE, standard def HERE.

Episode 10 - "The Girl Who Waited" - HD HERE, standard def HERE.

Episode 11 - "The God Complex" is in HD, or standard def is HERE.  

Episode 12 - "Closing Time" -  HD HERE, standard def HERE.  

Episode 13 - "The Wedding of River Song" (S6 finale) - standard def HERE, HD HERE.





"The Impossible Astronaut"

"Day of the Moon"

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