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If Idris Elba Is In TREK 3, We At Least Know Who He Won’t Be Playing…

Speaking with Absolute Radio, Simon Pegg, who is currently co-scripting Justin Lin’s upcoming third installment in the Abramsverse STAR TREK franchise, addressed recent rumors that Idris Elba could play a Klingon in the July 2016 release.  

QUESTION:  What about the rumors that Idris Elba is going to be a Klingon?  

PEGG:  That’s not true.

QUESTION:   Not at all… 

PEGG:  No.  No. 

QUESTION:   In it at all?  Is he in the film? 

PEGG:   Idris?  I heard there’s a rumor he’d been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film.  But he won’t be a Klingon.  


Video of the same can be found here…



So there you have it.   

Provided Elba’s ‘early talks’ pan out and he ends up in the movie, we at least know the ‘villain’ he’s playing won’t be a Klingon.  

News?  Arguably not - but rumor which seems good to dispel. 




Glen Oliver





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