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Quint goes to the Hero Complex Jaws Gallery and brings back a crapton of photos!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. A perfect storm of events allowed me the ability to be completely irresponsible. First off, Hero Complex announced a gallery comprised of nothing but Jaws art, but it was all the way in Los Angeles, so as much as I was dying to see the art from the show it made it easier for me to not be there to spend a stupid amount of money.

Just as I was resigned to the fact that I couldn't justify the expense of not only flying to LA for the show, but also the stupid amount of prints I wouldn't be able to stop myself from buying, I finally filed my taxes just shy of the extension deadline and due mostly to my new homeownership status I ended up getting a healthy refund. I took the timing of the unexpected refund as a sign, booked a flight into Long Beach (cheaper and direct, thanks to JetBlue) and found myself standing in the Hero Complex Gallery surrounded by all types of art from my most favorite movie ever.

Yes, I spent too much money. No, I don't regret it.

Before I throw it over to images from the show, I want to also mention that the fantastic lifelike statues of Quint, Hooper and Brody that Greg Nicotero commissioned from the amazingly talented Nick Marra also made an appearance, so when you see what looks like the best Robert Shaw/Richard Dreyfuss/Roy Scheider cosplay ever those are works of art in and of themselves. Not for sale, sadly (thankfully).

Many of the below pieces can be purchased online at Hero Complex's Website. Most of them are extremely limited, so if you see something below you want click over to see if it's available ASAP.

I'm going to start with my big purchase. I bought one original piece and it was not a print. I saw this little guy and couldn't leave without him...

Lil' Quint was sculpted by Blain Hefner and he is mine, all mine!

My first impression was that the show was very Quint-centric. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! You'll see what I mean below...

I'm going to start with one of my favorites. This print appears more impressive in person. Printed with five colors and with metallic inks this one is called Ghost of the Indianapolis and was created by Rhys Cooper. You have the Orca on top of the water and a reflection of the USS Indianapolis below. The moon is silver metallics and up top is Quint's speech in silver metallics as well.

I also made sure to pick up this one by JC Richard:



Now I'm going to rapid fire post some of the other art from the show. Enjoy!

Yay for the Harbor Master!





If I hadn't spotted the little Quint and fell in love, I probably would have bought this original piece here. It's pretty amazing in person:




Yes, this is Chief Brody riding the shark:

I picked up this set as well. Too good:






I actually regret not picking this one up, but if you saw my grand total last night you'd understand that I had to make some sacrifices. What I dig about this piece is that you have a lot of the people not usually featured in Jaws fan art, like Mayor Vaughn or Ellen Brody... or the girl that yells Shark. The fact that they're all shaped into a shark fin didn't escape me, either. Fuck, why didn't I buy this?



Quinty the Pooh:







There you have it. I spent way too much money, but I could have spent double what I did, so I guess you could say that I showed a tiny bit of restraint at this show that felt curated for me personally.

That's not every single piece at the show, but it's a ton of them. Again, if you see something you like jump over to Hero Complex's Website right away to purchase what you want or you're going to miss out!

-Eric Vespe
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