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Aniston, Duplass, And Kingsley Join CONVENTION...A Science Fiction Adventure Which Doesn't Appear To Be About A Convention!?


Justin Reardon, director of commericals like these... currently working on a film called CONVENTION.  This much we knew already, but now some casting information and further details have emerged. Jennifer Aniston will join ZERO DARK THIRTY's Mark Duplass and Ben Kingsley in the picture.  

Duplass, last seen in Oscar-nominated Zero Dark Thirty, stars as Paul, a mild-mannered inventor who, together with his feisty sister Abby (Aniston) sets out to change the world of box storage with a new, five-sided box. Kingsley will play Bobby Schroedinger, a maniacal box magnate determined to foil their plans.

 ...says THR HERE.    

THIS piece at Deadline once illuminated CONVENTION's plotline a bit more...

"...the inventor learns that each time he makes the special fold involved in assembling the box, he’s ripping a small hole in the universe."

CONVENTION is written by Christopher Painter, an Associate Producer on FRASIER and a scripter on JIMMY NEUTRON.  




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