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South Korean thriller THE BERLIN FILE gets a trailer!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a pretty cool looking trailer that just hit the net for a Korean thriller called The Berlin File, directed by Seung-wan Ryoo, the filmmaker behind 2006's The City of Violence.

I'm an easy sell on Korean thrillers. I'm sure the movie will be about a half hour too long, but I'll love every second of it. South Korean filmmaking is still in their dangerous phase. They haven't fallen into a predictable pattern yet. There are trademarks like bleak photography and noir-ish double and triple crosses and crazy violence, but the way their plots unfold is still fresh. At least that goes for the best of the best of the work that comes out of that country.

The trailer feels a little like it's going after the tone of the Hong Kong flick Infernal Affairs (which was adapted by Scorsese into The Departed, as you are all well aware, I'm sure) which is only a good thing.

Check out the trailer below:

-Eric Vespe
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