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The Korean take on THE TOWERING INFERNO is called THE TOWER! Here's a holiday themed trailer for it!

Hey folks, Harry here with a cool trailer for THE TOWER, directed by KIM Ji-hoon.   He directed a pretty outstanding film called MAY 18, which was a very good film.   Then he directed SECTOR 7, which wasn't quite at that level, but I still thought it was fun.   THE TOWER looks like an emotional spectacle of the type we used to get from Irwin Allen, of course these things have been around for a very long time.  One of my favorites is SAN FRANCISCO with Tyrone Power - such a great Disaster flick.   The scale on that sucker is enormous.  Shocking given the period, though not if you know that period of film history!  The whole disaster takes place at a Christmas Eve party in THE TOWER - so it'll have a Die Hard-esque opening?   We don't have long on this one, as it is being released on January 11th!  Here ya go...



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