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Hey folks, Harry here...  

I want to thank y'all for mainly being so kind in regards to this little show we've been putting on for the last 30 weeks.  This makes it right at 7 hours of content, and looking back honestly...the whole show has been a bit of a miracle.

We're really low budget, but my director Brett Hart put together a team of folks that have been a one day a week family for 6 hrs to 15 hrs.  And a post team that have burned all the midnight oils to try to make me somehow passable for an early animatronic Disney Imagineering failure.  I kid, but our VFX Deity, Brian Behm has brought such a level of genuine cool.  There's a ton of folks that supported this insanity of mine & Brett's.   Suzette Soucie designed and brought the basement to life out of what came out of my mouth one day.  I can remember explaining Boiler - but never dreamt he'd be such a function of my own Id Monster.  

Given the once a week format, I felt making each episode its own thing, done as right as we could - might be fun.   The notion was that we could convey film news & history in a manner that celebrated and wallowed in the medium.   Each episode we tried to do something different.   For me, it was learning production.

The finale episode for me had to wrap up the rest of the year and look ahead to 2013 & beyond.   I just wouldn't know how to do it otherwise.  We were honored to have a surprise guest pop in last minute, literally...  on my way to set, kinda last minute.

This celebration of film was always scheduled to end at 30.  At the beginning, I couldn't imagine it going past 3 episodes, that we actually got through all 30 is amazing to me, but now it has kind of become a habit.  Tuesdays were so much fun, because we'd hit the studio at dawn and shoot till we "got it!"

Right now, we're awaiting word about a 2nd season.  But the whole creative team is energized and eager to move forward no matter what.   I have loved making these more than you can know.  Just getting to perform on that set with my Dad and making stuff Fleischer out like we'd always discussed.  

Well, Here ya go with one last adventure...



Till the bitter end, keep it cool...


This is the crew watching the playback on that final shot pulling up and out of the abandoned set.  Love everyone in this shot...

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