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A Fifth life for the Star Trek TV Series'

Father Geek here with this bit that just found its way into Geek Headquarters...

Apparently, Paramount TV Chairman Kerry McCluggage has finally approved Rick Berman's and Brannon Braga's Series V premise. This comes after several months of work that had already been invested in developing an acceptable Series V premise for the studio. Much of it included the rumoured rejections of earlier versions of the now-confirmed and other premises, and focus group sessions that had tested three possible series concepts (which was vhemently denied by Berman last month or so-but confirmed by Braga this week).

This premise has a strong similarity to the one that has been in the news ever since November---> the 'Birth of the Federation' premise. However, it's got a twist that is very similar to the twists Braga puts in his episodes. The villain of the series is supposedly someone from the 29th Century, who travels back in time to prevent the forming of the Federation. The reason for the twist? It's supposed to relieve complaints that the Birth of the Federation concept is too pre-ordained to have good suspense, etc. Although how a time traveller risking changing everything is that much of a way to relieve those complaints is beyond me. I's not like the bad guy would actually win...otherwise...The Original Series, The NExt Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager are out the window...along with generations of Star Trek fans if it every happened.

According to the reports received, the studio is still looking at a Fall 2001 premiere, meaning Series V would launch directly after Voyager's departure from the small screen.

I don't know if this prequel premise will fly. Hell, I barely trust Braga with Trek history and continuity (just look at any episode of Voyager that deals with Trek's past....'nuff said) Maybe they should've just jumped ahead to the Enterprise-G or H or whatever.

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