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KICK (more) ASS is shooting this Summer?

Hey folks, Harry here...  my former online nemesis...  Mark Millar, has been speaking with the DAILY REPORT out of Scotland and making a whole lot of statements regarding a slate of Millar-y projects that are apparently about to happen.

"We shoot KICK-ASS 2 & AMERICAN JESUS this summer.  Then Matthew (Vaughn) and I have SECRET SERVICE, which is a neddy JAMES BOND."

Well...  this is all very curious - because it has been announced that Vaughn was going to be helming the next X-MEN film, which continues in some manner, the cast of X-MEN FIRST CLASS and moves forward.   We don't know if X-MEN would necessarily keep him from directing KICK ASS 2 this summer, but I think we all figure that it is probably assured that it would.   They're pounding out the script for the X-MEN sequel, and you can bet that FOX would like that sooner rather than later.   BUT - could Vaughn slip a KICK-ASS 2 in there?   

Then there's AMERICAN JESUS, which Millar describes as being "the reverse of THE OMEN"

SECRET SERVICE apparently is about a London Rioter, who gets handpicked to become a Secret Agent - and is described as being like MY FAIR LADY & JAMES BOND.   That project is about halfway through the scripting stage.  Click over to the DAILY REPORT for the whole interview, it's a fascinating interview where Millar talks about his desire to pump up Scotland and to not fly to Hollywood to do the dog & pony show.

Millar is doing it his way, and frankly, that's the only way to go.   I'm going to do a little digging on this story to see what I can find, but as far as I can see - this sounds like nothing but good news.

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