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New JUDGE DREDD post production footage pops up

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with 28 seconds of fun that reader CoolFan123 pointed me to. If you're interested in post production or 2d compositing, the little video below should be right up your alley. Nothing I've seen from the new DREDD has impressed me and I say that not as a massive fan of Dredd, just nothing's really made me grab my hat and slap my knee with excitement. (BTW, The oversized helment killing any chance of peripheral vision isn't helping. It's like a hardass bobble head.) I am a massive collector of behind the scenes books and eat up all sorts of making of videos on DVDs, so I thought this was pretty cool news. What about you guys?

The movie comes out in September and stars Karl Urban (STAR TREK). (Though I feel you guys probably already know that.)


- Mike McCutchen



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