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DiCaprio or Damon up for PLANET OF THE APES'

This my friends and cohorts is pure RUMOR. Word has it that the draft from Bill Broyles is a departure... a great departure from the previous horrid drafts that have been attached for the past few years. One source at FOX has told me that the film isn't so much a remake, as it is a possible new chapter. We'll know more later. As for the Damon and DiCaprio rumors... I don't know from whence the MELBOURNE pulled them, but until we hear otherwise... I believe that's speculation... not solid at this point.

Hey Harry,

I was reading the morning paper down here in Melbourne and saw this tidbit on Planet of the Apes. We already know about the Tim Burton rumor but the casting choices and budget are new. Here's the article word for word.

Herald Sun, Saturday, February 26, 2000

THE big names in the directing ranks have been prowling around Fox Studios' planned remake of Planet of the Apes for seven years now, but it looks as if Sleepy Hollow filmmaker Tim Burton will sercure the job. The updated version -- tentatively budgeted at $120 million -- has been earmarked as Fox's centrepiece release for 2001, with hot young actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon reportedly competing for the lead role played by Charlton Heston in the original. The project has been in development since 1993, with leading showbiz figures such as James Cameron, Oliver Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger being attached at one time or another.

Not sure if this is just speculation by the media or they actually have a source. Every week DiCaprio is rumored for numeros projects so who knows, however he does seem to be a Fox favourite with Romeo + Juliet, Titanic and the Beach. Anyway hope you can use this.


J.F. Sebastian

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