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Will killing Osama Bin Laden make CAPTAIN AMERICA the film to beat this summer?



Hey folks, Harry here...  It's movie night here at my house, which means I'm watching weird usually violent films.   Tonight, I happened to be watching THE STONING OF SORAYA M.  A brilliant film about the horrors of perverted fundamentalism gone wildly wrong.   As the end credits were rolling, Diana's boyfriend texted her that "Osama Bin Laden killed by U.S.A. & Obama" - There goes the double feature - now it's watching, reading, learning what happened.   Joking about pronouncing "AAAaaaaBBBBBott-a-bad" like Lou Costello...   Thinking that this could help CAPTAIN AMERICA to be a enormous cultural milestone...  and I do seriously think Captain America will be huge domestically.   The flag waving I'm seeing, will only increase as we meet the HEROES that went on this mission.   Their dramatic storytelling will get folks going for months.   America's super soldiers did get the bad guy...   Or will the real heroes eclipse the propagandistic fictional heroes?   I'm betting on MARVEL on this.   

Anyway - because this site is for a global community - I figured - I'd give you a spot to comment.   I mean, this is essentially the thing we never did do to Hitler.   He took his own life.   We did get Osama Bin Laden, does that frighten readers around the world?   Is this a big deal for those outside the U.S. - and if so how?   What do you think of all this?   It is a historic moment in history.   

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