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Cartoon Boy Held Captive By Award Winning British Comedy Genius Simon Pegg And Award Winning International Superstar Tom 'Fucking' Cruise!! Hostage Video Within!!


Merrick here...

This is tragic.  Just...tragic.  I guess J.J. is too distracted by his little monster train movie, and left the kids to run amok and unchecked back on the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL set.  Or, perhaps he actually sanctioned this terrible and cowardly deed?  Well, I suppose that'd be one way to get things done.  

Brad Bird recently received the The Winsor McCay Award via the 38th annual Annie Awards (site HERE).  He wasn't present to receive said honor - and here's why.  


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Harry here...   felt I should give some of you folks a bit of history on Winsor McCay - the father of animation, for whom this award was named.   Here's some rather wonder shorts of his when he essentially invented the form...





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