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Hey folks, Harry here with the latest on THE HOBBIT which may or may not be shooting in New Zealand. I think we'll know definitively in the next 7-10 days. Let's pray it stays. Mike Fleming broke the story.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here to run a little update on Harry's initial posting. He asked me to hunt down some photos of the cast while he concentrated on pressing BNAT business and I figured I'd run a little commentary as well.

Martin Freeman – Bilbo Baggins

This is the very best of the rumored Bilbos in my humble opinion. I mean look at him! He's a Hobbit. I was hoping Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy would be his break out role, but it didn't exactly hit that way. I've loved him since the original UK Office and I'm psyched to see him take on the role!

Richard Armitage - Thorin Oakenshield

I'm not familiar with this dude, but he played Guy of Gisborne in the BBC Robin Hood series and has a role in the upcoming Captain America flick. Remember before LOTR nobody knew who the fuck half the Fellowship was and they were all note perfect.

Aidan Turner - Kili

Aidan is one of the stars of the original UK Being Human, which is Being Remade... for us Yanks who don't get accents. He has an accent, so he can be in the movie. I approve.

Rob Kazinsky – Fili

A regular on the popular English Soap Opera, EastEnders. Don't be worried, he also has a role in the upcoming George Lucas production Red Tails.

Graham McTavish – Dwalin

McTavish is known for being a hardass, playing a Russian in Season 8 of 24 and playing that tough Merc in RAMBO... he's also a big voice actor, having voiced Marvel characters in cartoons and video games... He has been Loki and Sebastian Shaw. Losties will remember him as Desmond's tough drill sergeant in the episode The Constant.

John Callen – Oin

This dude is hard to track down, hence lack of picture. I do know he just played a character called Professor Craddock in a New Zealand flick starring Rhys Darby (Murray from Flight of the Concords). So Kiwi hire? Probably.

Stephen Hunter – Bombur

He's a relatively unknown guy with little other than TV work on his resume. But he looks the part, no? I buy that dude as a dwarf.

Mark Hadlow – Dori

A New Zealand regular who had a bit part in King Kong, been on Xena and most importantly was the voice of Robert (Wobert), Barry the Bulldog and Heidi the Hippo from MEET THE FEEBLES!

Peter Hambleton – Gloin

I love Gloin and I have no earthly idea who this guy is, but he's got character to his face, even in that low res shoddy pic.

Them's the dwarves we know of and one new Hobbit. Can't wait to hear who else is in... the biggest character I'm hoping is returning is scenery. Come on Warner Bros, don't puss out on this. New Zealand is Middle Earth. Fact. This is a no brainer if the Unions have already backed down. Watch the below video if you want to see a passionate (and pissed off) Peter Jackson. I wish we could say "goddamn" without a second thought in our political discourse stateside...

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