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ALIENS Is Gonna Look Magnificent On Blu-Ray!!

Merrick here...
A month or two ago we discussed the impending release of the ALIEN films on Blu-Ray - a set that, at the very least, promises to be an amazing resource and insanely rich product for Geeks, film collectors, Blu-Ray junkies, and/or any combination thereof (details HERE). Anyone concerned that these films might face the same "over scrubbing"/noise reduction (DNR) recently suffered by this recent release of PREDATOR (also from Fox) may have their fears assuaged by a set of screen caps from the Blu-Ray release of ALIENS. Click any of the images to jump to TechRadar for more (ginormously EMBIGGENABLE) pics...
These have been appearing in multiple locations online and I'm not quite sure who had 'em originally (so my apologies for the lack of a specific plug). However this posting at AVS forums conveniently...and dramatically...illustrates what the movie will look like in the format via comparisons with its previous DVD iteration. Not surprisingly, the difference here is extraordinary - check out the comparisons and register your thoughts in the Talkbacks below. The ALIEN ANTHOLOGY Blu-Rays hit in October and can are already up for preorder HERE.
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