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Pics Of Dwayne Johnson's Car From FASTER!!

Merrick here...
Back in March, we told you about a cool KNIGHT RIDER COMPANION book. You can find my write-up of the publication HERE, and the title itself...which you really don't have to be a KNIGHT RIDER fan to available HERE. That book's author, Nick Nugent, dropped me the following message while also sending along pics some of our more car-oriented AICN readers might enjoy - good shots of Dwayne Johnson's ride from FASTER, which can be seen in this trailer...

Here's a portion of Nick's message, followed by a sampling of the images he sent in. I want that car - although I couldn't imagine anyone on Earth who'd look less cool behind its wheel.
The screen used '71 Chevelle(s) from the upcoming movie Faster with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! CVS had both the "damaged" stunt version of his car (dents, bullet holes, blood on the driver's headrest) and the pristine hero version in a small garage. I snapped some photos of both, including the customized interior

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