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Mondo Round-Up! Warriors posters by Tomer Hanuka and Ken Taylor! Plus Charlie Adlard's SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD poster!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the latest round of Mondo poster releases! If you've read any of my Mondo coverage before you'll know how gonzo I am for them. I'm a poster freak and a movie freak, so they're like peanut butter and chocolate and Mondo's like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Geniuses, I say! They have posters for the cult classic The Warriors still rolling out, but first up is their printing of Charlie Adlard's Survival of the Dead poster. Adlard's best known for his Walking Dead work and I think this poster is rad... oh, and the red ink GLOWS IN THE DARK, so when nighttime comes you'll have zombies staring at your delicious ass. Limited to 150 and hand numbered, this 22X34 print is listed at thirty bucks:

They've even got that Adlard zombie art in shirt form. Check that out here. Now on to the Warriors posters. First up is a set of three 12X36 prints featuring some of the most iconic gang members in the flick. The artist is Ken Taylor and these screen-printed sets are limited to 200, hand signed and run $65:

My favorite of this batch of Mondoness is Tomer Hanuka's Warriors poster. It feels like low budget animated adult movies of the '70s... there's a little Bakshi in there, don't you think? Limited to 180 hand numbered 24X36 prints. Check it out:


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