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I am – Hercules!! Yesterday I identified “The Walking Dead” as “a six-hour project” big-screen writer-director Frank Darabont ("The Shawshank Redemption," "The Green Mile" and "The Mist") was overseeing for AMC. If that made you think “miniseries,” you were thinking wrong! AMC has indeed ordered six hours of the series, but Darabont wrote in to make certain we understood those six hours do not a miniseries make!
Hi Herc, Just to clarify the announcement: It's not a 6-episode miniseries. It's intended as a regular ongoing series. AMC is going into it as they did with "Breaking Bad" (which, on a personal note, gets my passionate vote as being the best series on television right now, hands-down): those familiar with "Breaking Bad" may have noticed it was actually a "half season" approach consisting of 7 episodes. When that first season proved successful, AMC then transitioned to the standard 13 episodes per year as of season two. Same idea here. If WD finds its audience, following seasons will continue with the standard 13 episodes. It's a very smart approach on AMC's part, in addition to being a tremendous show of their faith: as with "Breaking Bad," instead of giving us just a single pilot episode to prove ourselves, AMC has gone out on a limb and greenlit half a season to kick things off and give our show a chance to bring the audience in. Gale Anne Hurd and I are very grateful to them for that. Hope that helps dispell any confusion. Best, Frank
It does, and we thank! Those first six hours are slated for October. So watch and AMC and Frank Darabont will give you a bigger season next year!
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