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Here's A Look At That Long-Term, Frequently Refreshed TRON LEGACY Billboard In L.A.!!

Merrick here...
A few days ago we mentioned that a new TRON LEGACY billboard was being erected (hehe, I said "erected") on the corner of Santa Monica & Glendon in Westwood (Los Angeles area). SickGirl was kind enough to snap a pic of said billboard and send it in for all to see. I know this is kinda small - we're hoping to find a bigger image shortly. This billboard will remain in place until the film's December 2010 opening - but the image on it will change monthly. Here's the first billboard of, what, 12 or 13 more to come?

Literally, JUST as I initially posted this article, Max sent in the following promo art. This was released to 10 lucky users on Facebook today & seems like it's (more or less) the same image seen on the billboard above. And it's so, so cool...

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