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Laeta Kalogridis is adapting GHOST IN THE SHELL for Dreamworks...

Hey folks, Harry here with another Science Fiction project that we need to all pray to the gods that be, will be awesome! GHOST IN THE SHELL, like AKIRA, is Holy Material in the Manga world. Our good buddy, former Marvel master and Toy Tycoon - Avi Arad is producing this to be a live action 3D movie according to Variety. This is a tremendous project. And while I'm a fan of Laeta Kalogridis' script work, if not always the end results due to powers beyond her control... well... Hollywood has a very bad track record for adapting female driven action/adventure - when not being helmed by James Cameron. It is also interesting because Laeta was involved with BATTLE ANGEL ALITA with Cameron - along with a few other projects of his. In the wake of AVATAR - it'll be interesting to see how fast Jim gets moving on that project - and who Dreamworks ends up getting attached to direct GHOST IN THE SHELL. Will this turn into a dueling banjo set of projects that we all root for one over another.... or could be possibly end up blessed with two brilliant female driven live-action 3D manga adapted brilliance in a theater near all of us? God that'd be cool!

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