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Hey folks, Harry here in Los Angeles on a series of secret missions - none of which are really site related, but I find it odd... earlier this morning I was meeting with some folks and PERCY JACKSON came up. And nobody knew what I was talking about. I've been genuinely curious about this film since I saw the trailer. It looks like Fox's attempt to land a HARRY POTTER style franchise, even helmed by the man that kicked Harry Potter cinematically off. That said, in advance of that first HARRY POTTER there was a palpable real world excitement. Articles written about the mania of Potter fans, that anticipation, fears and what not related to a film adaptation. I don't know any one that's read this series. And the trailers have yet to inspire. Especially when the badass film about Greek gods is coming out in March of this coming year and this looks lacking somehow. I also know that these are teaser trailers - and that they're holding back a lot (probably). So my question to you, dear readers, is this... Who of you has read the PERCY JACKSON series? And having read them, is it a series you think has the potential to leech off some of Potter's audience? Lastly, should I care?

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