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BIOSHOCK still moving forward, now with brand new director at the helm!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Like most fans of the BIOSHOCK video game, I was really bummed when Gore Verbinski dropped out (or was forced out due to inflated budget depending on which story you listen to). That was a perfect match of mind and material in my opinion. However, Universal is apparently keeping the BIOSHOCK train rolling, which is good as of all the video games of the last decade or so the one that is the most cinematic and would look the coolest on the big screen is that game. 28 WEEKS LATER and INTACTO director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is "in talks" according to Michael Fleming at Variety. The article also states that Verbinski might be out as director, but still will oversee the flick as producer. Fresnadillo is a fascinating choice. I love the look of both INTACTO and 28 WEEKS LATER and BIOSHOCK as a property demands someone with a strong visual style. What do you folks think about this development?

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