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HBO Developing Sitcom
About The Rolling Stones??

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Is HBO’s zillionth showbiz sitcom going to be about a young Mick, Keith, Brian, Charlie, Bill and the young manager who looks after them? Monday morning’s Variety reports HBO is developing with screenwriter Wesley Strick (“Arachnophobia,” “Cape Fear,” “Wolf,” “The Saint,” “Doom”) a comedy “loosely” based on the autobiographies of 1960s Rolling Stones producer-manager Andrew Loog Oldham. That “loosely” bit I’d guess means Mick will be called “Manny” and Keith will be called “Kevin,” much as movie star Mark Wahlberg is called “Vincent Chase” and former “Tonight Show” guest host Garry Shandling used to be called “Larry Sanders” on the channel. Like “Entourage’s” Eric Murphy, Oldham worked with a lot of artist clients, in Oldham’s case not only the Stones but also Small Faces, Rod Stewart, Humble Pie and Fleetwood Mac. Find out how much Oldham now looks like Dustin Hoffman here.
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