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LEGION trailer... pretty damn intense looking...

Hey folks, Harry here with the first Internet footage from LEGION, which showed up at Myspace's Trailer Park. It is one of those, put in your birthdate and if you're not a fetus, you can see it - type of things. I missed the Comic Con footage from this, but at my hotel, every time I got in the elevator I had to stare at Paul Bettany's navel. He has a very tortured looking navel. Stretched and taut. I like my navel, which is kinda like the Sarlac Pit - things go in, but they never come out. Yoko doesn't like navels, but I'm pretty fond of them. Except Quint's. There's a tiny hairy man with a tooth coming out of his navel... That could be cool in a horror film, but not at a table when exposed around food. NIGHTMARES. Anyway, this film is directed by a first time director, Scott Stewart... who was a big deal with the visual effects house, The Orphanage - which did incredible work on films like SIN CITY, HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, THE HOST, SUPERMAN RETURNS, the last two PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and IRON MAN. He also was the Digital Mastering Consultant on JACKASS: THE MOVIE. Odd credit, that one. But here's the thing. The footage kind of rocks. I love Biblical Horror & Action. And I dig the elongated limb people demons. They're seven shades of badass. Here's the trailer:

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