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The GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE Cannes trailer gives us noir, blood, nudity, Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I was given the heads up on this by the good folks working on the picture, in particular Mr. Tim Bradstreet who has been trying to woo me since I was a young man roaming the halls of the San Diego Comic-Con . Bradstreet has made a name for himself as a brilliant artist and has been working closely with Thomas Jane, edging into the talking pictures a bit. He asked if I'd like to debut the Cannes trailer for GIVE 'EM HELL MALONE, starring Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames, written by Mark Hosack (who also cut the trailer... I think he may be a geek... because that temp music in the middle might ignite some recognition among our readers) and directed by HIGHLANDER's own Russell Mulcahey. Expect to read some chats with Jane and possibly Mulcahey about this flick in the near future. Personally I dig the look of this world. It feels like something that'd hit in the '80s, a low-budget grit and blood flick that doesn't sacrifice production value. I love that every face you see in the movie is familiar, a cast filled with character actors. Check out the embed below to see the full Cannes trailer with cursing and side-boob!

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