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Additional Rumors: Pixar working on a top secret remake/sequel to TRON'

Hey folks, Harry here. Some interesting developments have popped up about this story, and that's that there may well be two TRON projects bidding to be the 'next TRON movie', but both within Walt Disney's empire.

The first we heard about yesterday and concerned TRON and PIXAR (which is in a deal with Disney, thus being the tie-in for a possible sequel/remake) Then there is the project at Disney Animation (Yes, this has NOTHING to do with the alleged Pixar project, if it even exists) and is called WARRIORS OF TRON, apparently they have a script and are now conducting initial storyboards and animatic tests. And here is the basic rundown on the Disney Animation WARRIORS OF TRON project...

4 high school kids uncover a plot to destroy all the world's computer systems on Jan 2, 2002. After alerting the authorities, they realize nobody believes them. They search for help and it leads to an aging Flynn. Flynn reveals that Alan and Lora died in a car accident 15 years ago.. He is a recluse, and the guilt has left him feeling responsible in some way. He dissmisses the teens, but after one of them probes him about the Tron program, he agrees to send them into the new CPU. they must compete in games set up by the CPU to destroy the system. Flynn eventually joins them inside.

That's all that my fella at Disney would let on about, but it's enough that I hope and wish Lasseter godspeed with his project... if one exists.

Yesterday's report lays below this point.

Alright you Pixar animators, publicists, editors, musicians... Yeah you. I know you read the site... I have ways of knowing that stuff. Now fess up, what in the wide wide world of sports is a going on here?!?!?!?

Well, I have a good 30 or so folks that read this article over on, that professes to have a source at PIXAR that's talking about a sequel/remake of TRON that John Lasseter is gonna be heading up.


Here is your mission should you choose to accept it. I want you, top secret employee of PIXAR, to spill the beans. I want to know everything that any of you know about this so-called project. If it doesn't exist... I wanna know. If it dood exist... I wanna know. Why do I wanna know? Because TRON is the coolest motherfucking holy mary mother of god cool reaming goat herding marshmellow roasting project this side of the afterlife. And if John is on board then God is on our geek's sides. Please be true.... If true then my 16 mm print of TRON just became my most valuable possession next to that Scary Monkey and Scrubbing Bubble.

Now one final thing super secret PIXAR spy.... Hurry. My pulse is racing. I'm Fat. I could die and never know the truth. Think about my unborn grandkids in my loins. THey must know before the autopsy sets them free. I have to know. Please don't make me beg. Pllllllllllllleeeeaaaaaeeee..... I'm begging you, don't make me beg for it. I have dignity.... I have class.... All the women that want me will see me as the worm that I truly project Quint to be. ARGH!!!

Note to non-PIXAR employees: This is a ruse to get information. Actually a diabolical plan. You see. They won't be able to resist this level of pathetic whiney blubbering. I learned about this technique in a book on the life of Salvador Dali. He always got what he wanted. So.... GET ME THAT INFO.... and a can of Hungarian Moustache Wax.... Yeah.... Baby, my antennae will be erect!

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