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Want a peek into the mind of Jodorowsky's KING SHOT?

Hey folks, Harry here... sigh... excuse me... tonight I'm working on my DVD column, after a post-coital glow from watching BENJAMIN BUTTONS and cooling down by writing to the action of 4 DIE HARD movies in the glow of my Christmas tree... when I get an Instant Message from Rav. Rav is one of these fanboy creatures that finds the most amazing things and forwards them on to me. This time - it was a simple YouTube link. I clicked to find a featurette on the production of Alejandro Jodorowsky's KING SHOT - a metaphysical spaghetti western gangster flick starring a whole shitload of cool folks and shot by the lens of master Vilmos Zsigmond! Excuse me... I have my second coital glow of the night... get your own by watching the following...

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