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Ron Moore leaves "Star Trek" ((confirmation of existing rumors)) !!!

Glen here...

...with a bit of news which comes perilously close to the kind of story I usually want nothing to do with.

It's borderline gossip, a little vague, and relates directly to inter-personal politics and relationships - instead of more general and anonymous corporate machination and network / studio policy (indeed, they sometimes do go hand in hand - and might in this case). None the less, I have had this confirmed by trusted sources, so I know it's the real thing. And it's news - so here go I where angels fear to tread...

For the past few weeks, there have been a great many rumors flying about the industry and the Net indicating Star Trek writer / producer extraordinaire Ron Moore - who moved over to Star Trek: Voyager after concluding work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - has left Voyager due to some sort of personal in-fighting between Moore and friend / associate Brannon Braga. This report has surfaced, vanished, and resurfaced on several occasions: I think I first heard about it though TREKWEB.COM.

Coaxial is now able to confirm that these reports are accurate: Ron Moore is leaving Voyager & there were "issues" between Moore and Braga. Something had to give, and now Moore is gone.

Many people characterize Moore's departure as a substantial blow to the Star Trek franchise - and whatever form the next Trek series takes will be significantly impacted...some say for the Moore's departure. BTW- there will be a new series (confirmed), although I've not received indication as to whether or not it will take the form described by MR. SHOWBIZ.

There should be some sort of official announcement about this forthcoming within the next two weeks.


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