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The First Review of FUTURAMA: "The Beast With A Billion Backs" Is Now Online!! All Hail Zapp Branigan!!

Merrick here...
Screen Jabber has posted (what I believe is) the first review of the FUTURAMA DVD "The Beast With a Billion Backs". Like the previous DVD ("Bender's Big Score"), "Beast" will eventually be broken down into 20-something minute installments for airing on Comedy Central.
So the main storyline is about a giant tentacle monster having sex with everyone in our universe.
...says THIS ARTICLE at Screen Jabber, which goes on to reveal a considerable number of insane sounding spoilers. Fans of Zapp Branigan should rejoice, he apparently gets a lot of screentime here. I really love the character; so this is fine by me. At the bottom of the article, there's also an interview with John Di Maggio - the voice of Bender on the series. The project sounds off-the-hook, and I can't wait.

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