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DC Direct Gives Us A Good Look At THE SPIRIT!!

Merrick here...
Some (unsanctioned) character shots from Frank Miller's forthcoming adaptation of THE SPIRIT appeared briefly online not too long ago, then disappeared rather quickly. Some not-particularly-revelatory "official" shots appeared shortly thereafter...but they didn't really give us a sense of, well, much at all. Mike sent us the following e-mail, which included a full body shot of a figure-thing of Denny Colt/"The Spirit". Here's what he had to say:
Don't know if you've seen this yet, but in the DC Direct solicitations for July they have an image and description of the SPIRIT (MOVIE) DELUXE COLLECTOR (meaning: expensive) FIGURE which provides , pretty much, our first look at the character as depicted in Frank Miller's film. Personally, I'm not too keen on the black clothing...I definately prefer the Spirit in his classic blue duds but it's not my movie and I'm not a multi-millionaire comic creating genius like Frank.

Thanks to Mike for sending this along!

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