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Shuttles, Control Panels, And More!! Here's What Starfleet Shipyards Will Look Like In Abrams' STAR TREK!!

Merrick here...
Atavacron sent some images from yesterday's STAR TREK shoot at the Pastoria Electric plant outside Lebec, CA. These photos offer our best sense to date of the film's aesthetic - this is our first look at a shuttle from the project, our first good close-up of a uniform top (which is quite similar to a uniform image that briefly appeared on the Net about a month ago...a crimson top looking strikingly similar to the original series' "red shirt", although a touch heavier & with no black collar), our first hint at the new eye candy (control panel display graphics), signage, etc. AND...I don't hate it. The interior of the shuttle looks like what Shatner's gang was going for in STAR TREK V - a film I think deserves far more respect than it gets. All hail Atavacron for sending these along!

Sadly Removed At The Request Of Paramount - which called incredibly fast

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