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Jake Lloyd and ENDER'S GAME'

You know what folks, my entire impression of Jake Lloyd changed when I made a fun vocal connection with the lad. For those of you that love the movie SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, take a listen at Barooni the Genie (as played by Richard Eyer). I find their voices EXTREMELY close, and as a result... I'm dying to hear and see the rest of our Anakin's performance (The Read Along CD STORYBOOK has lots of dialogue and sound effects and WOWZERS) But anyway, on to the subject at hand. ENDER'S GAME. Will this become a real live project? Will it? I don't know. I haven't heard too much about it. The various drafts of the script have made the rounds, but this is certainly a new development (at least to my knowledge) and is a possibly fascinating avenue for young Jake Lloyd to take. I know he has a drama up next, but after that.... Will it be ENDER'S GAME? Come on Barooni, make it so....

a little bit over a week ago, i went to a Tower book signing outside of Sacramento featuring Orson Scott Card, the genius scribe behind Ender's Game, among other great sci-fi and fantasy novels. now, i am sure that you have heard lots of rumors about this movie. i don't know about all those. i only know what Orson Scott Card said.

in the past he had written several drafts of the script. it took him a while to find a good producer, because most of them wanted to turn Ender from 6 to 16 and add a love interest. Card wanted to keep the Ender 6, so he worked on a couple of scripts that placed the emotional focus from Ender to the supporting cast, specifically, Mazor Rackhem (sorry, if i spelled it wrong. I don't have the book with me. a sin for sure). however, though he liked the script more than the Dawson's Creek meets Wing Commander, he still wasn't satisfied. >{? patience is a virtue, and patience paid off for Orson Scott Card.

not much earlier before he had the book signing, he met with Jake Lloyd. without a doubt, your spy network have sent you rumors of this before. it is no longer a rumor. Card called Lloyd brilliant, an amazing kid for his age (much like Ender.) Lloyd is a big fan of Ender and really wants to play the part. after May 19th, Card reminded us, there will be an international child movie star: Jake Lloyd. when he spoke with us, Card was on page 42 of his new draft with Ender as the focus. the way he writes, i am sure he is much further at this time. he predicted that the movie could possibly be out at Summer 2000.

after reflecting on the situation, although Lloyd will be a child superstar, it is doubtful that there are many movies at this time that would feature him as a character with as much emotional depth as Ender. if this deal was done, Lloyd's future career could be sealed. we should pray that all goes well.

also, Scott revealed that a new novel, Ender's Shadow, will soon be released. this book takes place at the same time as Ender's Game, and is from the perspective of Bean. Card would love for this book to be picked up at as a movie at the same time so they could film both back-to-back, before the actor's hit puberty!

by order of the high council, i took a new name, thanks to a certain spy who turned to higher calling. you can call me Nichodemus.

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