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You Know What’s Interesting About Matthew Fox?? He Knows Stuff About LOST’s 4th Season!!

I am – Hercules!! Entertainment Weekly has an interview with “Lost” star Matthew Fox, and he seems determined to defy an appraisal offered by Seth Rogen’s character in “Knocked Up.” Invisotext on!! * Fox says at least one “decoy ending” was shot for season four. * Fox was told who’s in the casket. * Jack wanted to get everyone off the island but couldn’t, which explains much of his third-season-finale angst. (Kristin Veitch at E! said a few weeks ago the four other escapees were Jin, Sun, Sayid and billionaire Hurley.) * The survivors who make it off the island become celebs. * When asked if season four will deal with time travel, Fox says yes. “What is this island? Where is this island? When is this island?” are the questions Fox says the audience is dying to know. * Fox suggests there may not be any more survivors suddenly promoted, like Nikki and Paulo, to major characters. * “I'm telling you, the story is going to charge and move rapidly in the next 48 episodes,” Fox tells EW. “One of the knocks on the show is that it hasn't moved fast enough. Part of that was because [co-showrunner Damon Lindelof] felt like he didn't know when to let it go. Now he knows when to let it go.” If EW writer Dan Snierson asked Fox what he thought of Seth Rogen or Judd Apatow, the answer didn’t make it into Entertainment Weekly. Read all of Snierson’s interview with Fox here. ABC launches season four of "Lost" Jan. 31.

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