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Wanna Glimpse An AVATAR Alien??

Merrick here... you've been paying extra-special close attention to the Internets over the past few days, you may've noticed an image appearing on (and then disappearing from) several websites. The image is a piece of art said to depict the "aliens" (depending on your perspective) from James Cameron's forthcoming AVATAR. Here's the artwork I'm referring to, via I believe the image may've have originated at marketsaw.

Hmmm... I don't hate the concept (what self respecting Geek wouldn't wanna bone a glowing blue/black chick with a smokin' hot body & a long, curvy tail?), but I'm also not floored by the coolness of this design. I look at the image & see hints of THE ABYSS aliens...a touch of CG Angelina in BEOWULF...whispers of TRON...and a few other inspirations pop to mind. In other words: I see more derivation than inspiration. But, maybe that's just me. I'm also reminded of some very funny stories about how the company fronting GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA desperately pressured producers to have the series' blue girl lose her tail. It's important to remember: assuming this is authentic (and there are multiple indications that it is), this is clearly developmental art...and the final product may differ a bit from what we're seeing here. It should be noted that the design seen in this image does match-up with a previously leaked image which also purported to be an AVATAR alien (below)

So...what do you folks think?

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