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Will BOND 22 Maybe/Possibly/Kinda-Sorta Be Called...??

Merrick again...
We just received this message, which is not presented in its entirety. Keep in mind, the source himself tells us to take this with a grain of salt...but I thought this might be a fun bit to chew on nonetheless. This comes from Problempasture....
...on Tuesday, in a class of mine at a particular college, instead of the typical lecture, we were treated with a visitor from (ORIGIN OF SPEAKER WITHHELD BY EDITOR TO PROTECT THE PERSON IN QUESTION) and close-friend to the current happenings of James Bond. The lecture was a good one covering the life and times of author Ian Fleming and how the films have evolved over time and so on and so forth but the REAL interesting tidbit was that he lightly touched on his awareness of the development of Bond 22 which he then mentioned seemed like was officially working under the title 'Property of a Lady' - the same name of a James Bond short story found in the book 'Octopussy and the Living Daylights'. Under further inspection, it shows the plot revolves around a female British double-agent also working for the KGB and the attempted auctioning off of a Faberge egg to make the double-agent a little money courtesy of her Russian employers. Of course, Bond must interfere. Now, whether or not this will be the authentic plot of the film, just a disembodied title or nothing at all, only time will tell. It should be taken with a grain of salt. Anyways, I hope this proves helpful and if you use this please call me ...'problempasture'.
Hmmmmmm. So, will the PoaL story be adapted or retrofitted in some way? I this just a place holder title? Those eggs were in OCTOPUSSY...of course, there could always be more of 'em? So many questions. Nothing Earth shattering here...just food for thought. Thanks a ton to Problempasture for sending this in.

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