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Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. UPDATE! A few details I want to clarify about this. JJ Abrams is not directing the film... he's too busy with prep for STAR TREK. It's just something he's overseeing. And as far as the script goes, I fully expect Herc to pitch a little green tent when he learns that it's Drew Goddard of BUFFY/ANGEL/ALIAS/LOST fame who is writing the film. I think I poked a hornet’s nest last week when I revealed a first few details about the top-secret CLOVERFIELD, which is the film that caused Latino Review to get confused about whether or not Abrams was directing STAR TREK. It’s not their fault, frankly, because things have been airtight on this one so far. I’m not even 100% sure who’s directing it. All I know is that the film shot a trailer before there’s been a frame of real film shot, and we’re going to see that trailer soon. If I were betting, I’d say it will be in front of TRANSFORMERS, which sounds like the best place for it to play. Why? Well, check out this description of the trailer, and then go read what I wrote about it last week. Sounds pretty groovy, doesn’t it?

I just saw the Cloverfield trailer at work and it's going to be pretty intense! It is from the perspective of people's camera in NYC. A huge earthquake breaks up a going away party. The people at the party go to the roof top just in time to catch lower Manhatten erupt into a ball of fire! They make their way to the street to witness the head of the statue of liberty fly down the street, end clip with screaming! Insane! I look forward to this one!
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