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A VERY Cool Sci-Fi Commercial Airs During Tonight’s AFI 100 YEARS/100 MOVIES On CBS!!

I am – Hercules!!
From a VERY reliable source: CBS has a 3-hour special tonight titled “AFI’s 100 Years/100 Movies.” We have exclusive word that wedged between all those “Star Wars,” “Raiders,” “Godfather” and “Casablanca” clips will be a one-minute commercial touting a new DVD release. (We’re told it will ultimately be a new DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray release, if that’s any clue.) This is a new DVD release for one of the most beloved sci-fi movie classics of all time. Its commercial contains newly-shot, never-before-seen footage. Every sofa in every parent’s basement in America should fear the potential deluge of geek urine, we are told. The sci-fi movie in question is not affiliated in any way with George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. We’re told the studio behind the release is so excited about the new footage that it is even now mulling a new theatrical release for the title. The bad news is our source wouldn’t or couldn’t tell us when during the 3-hour special CBS is running the spot. The good news is the special is geek-friendly; it’s not like they’re making us sit through a three-hour marathon of “CSI: Miami” repeats. 8 p.m. Wednesday. CBS.

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