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Updated 06/05/07 11:56 PM CST USA: JERICHO Reborn!? Many Sources Now Say Resurrection Is Nigh!!

Merrick again...
THIS ARTICLE in the LA Times says the current notion is to bring JERICHO back for eight episodes, with the hope/intent of continuing the series beyond the initial eight.
Part of the CBS resurrection's success will depend on how JERICHO performs when evaluated via a new business paradigm...
What's more, CBS no longer has to depend solely on primetime broadcast plays for its revenue. Between DVR playback ("Jericho" added nearly 10% more viewers when DVR figures were counted) and the now broadly accepted practice of streaming shows across the Net, CBS could try to make "Jericho" the poster child for a new business model.
says THIS ARTICLE in Variety.
The network is said to have options on all actors, but deals need to be modified to reflect the unusual timing and size of the order. Proposed budget reductions would lead to some of "Jericho's" characters not returning for the abbreviated second season.
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter. Closer and closer. This may be a really interesting time for television. Perhaps in the future, series like JERICHO, FIREFLY, and an enormous slew of others (please don't be mad at me for not listing your favorite canceled's been a tremendously long day and I'm damn tired) might be saved by adapting similar cross platform models. New frontiers & new perspectives, so to speak. Exciting. ORIGINAL ARTICLE BELOW. More as more comes in...

Merrick here...
From this update, newly posted at TV Guide's website:
Multiple sources are telling me that CBS is this close to sealing a deal to bring Jericho back for at least eight episodes, possibly at mid-season.
It's now just a matter of signing the actors to new deals and, according to one insider, finding a new soundstage to house the show's sets.
E! Online echoes this information! IT IS CRITICAL TO REMEMBER THAT THIS INFORMATION HAS YET TO BE OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED, although...considering the source....I'd say things are looking shiny. A strong recommendation for fans of the series: do not pause, hesitate, or waver in your efforts to save JERICHO. If negotiations are actually / still under way, there's likely still room for matters to spin apart. MORE INFO AS AS MORE COMES IN!!! I'll be out & unable to access the site for a few hours tonight - 5:30pm - 8:30pm(ish) CST USA. Other than that, I'll be here...waiting with baited breath. I get chills thinking about this story coming to pass...

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