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Animated flames on moving Optimus Prime T-shirts? Check out these sweet TRANSFORMERS shirts!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Moriarty forwarded me this press release about Transformers shirts and I was like, "What the hell is this? Why would I want to post an advertisement for movie tie-in apparel?" Then I saw the gifs attached. Okay, so I'm a geek. Moving shirts get my geek juices flowing. Sue me. Although, I do have embarrassing memories of being forced to wear a Rudolph shirt at Christmas every year that had a light-up nose, connected to a very uncomfortably placed battery pack somewhere around the chest area of the shirt... But these are pretty neat, and for you talkbackers there's even an animated flames shirt, just for you. Here's the release and the pics will follow!

This summer, the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons comes to Earth and you can show which side you’re on with Transformers the Movie light-up t-shirts from Thumbs Up! Set to hit the shops a few weeks before the film’s launch in July, these new t-shirts feature logos from the Transformers film, including the iconic Autobot and Decepticon insignias, as well as characters like heroic Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and the evil Megatron, head of the Decepticons. Transformers t-shirts have been popular ever since the cartoon debuted back in the 1980s, but now a light-up panel brings these new t-shirts to illuminated life! A small, lightweight battery pack powers five different flashing sequences to make sure that these t-shirts are sure to attract attention! Big summer movie t-shirts are always popular, but there’s never been a range like this before! Since we hit the 21st century, we’re still all wondering where our jetpacks are, but these t-shirts are a true innovation from Thumbs Up which bring wearable interactive electronic style together with iconic logos and characters. They’re not just awesome, they’re a sign that the future is here!

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