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This International TRANSFORMERS Poster Is Apocariffic!!

Merrick again…
…with a glance at the of the international movie poster for TRANSFORMERS. This is a mock-up to some extent; the credits at the bottom are clearly placeholder graphics & I’m unable to confirm the quote which appears on the top of the image. When we’ve received images of this nature before, the final results are usually pretty close…so this should be on the right track.


First off, I love the color scheme here…kind of reminds me of this DEEP IMPACT one sheet from a while back...a poster I've always loved:

[image from]

I think it’s interesting that this TRANSFORMERS poster advances significantly more apocalyptic imagery than its American counterpart (the smoke rising from the city - presumably from the rumblin' robots); wonder if The Powers That Be felt this approach too evocative of 9/11 & might make American audiences uncomfortable (don’t get mad…I’m really just stabbing tin the dark). Personally, I like the International approach a tad more. The art we’re getting domestically feels like they're hedging a bit, while this clearly states a vibe . I think I'm making sense...???

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