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1st Film Image of a TRANSFORMER - Look Quick Because... It Is Now Gone

Hey folks, Harry here... Well The Giant Aquatic Brazilian Centipede has sent in a wonderful early scoop. Very soon - this image - slightly changed - there will be a flash on the belly I'm told - and then it will be released online. I will say this - there's no way that this image will be on AICN long - as I expect a phone call or an IM within 30 minutes asking that this be taken down. HOWEVER - this is one helluva scoop and I love being able to bring it to ya first. NOTE: This image is not quite finished, even now it is being tweaked at ILM. So there you have it. Here ya go:

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little add-on to Harry's piece. I'm beginning my week off of the site in order to line some personal ducks in a row, but I couldn't help but comment on this pic. That transformer is Skorponok, leaping out of the Iraq sands after Tyrese, Josh Duhamel and the rest of their squad. I saw this as an animatic when I sat down with Michael Bay before he started shooting (You can click here to read that story) and then when I visited the set in New Mexico I was shown the live action shot for this sequence (sans decepticon, of course)... Read about that here. This is fairly early on in the movie and what I saw during my set visit was the big fight with that thing in a small Iraqii town. Imagine the below shot in total Michael Bay slow motion, drills (that transform into pincers) spinning right behind that squad. Should be a cool sequence... Anyway, no more of my blabbering. Enjoy and I'll see you folks next week!

Removed at the request of Paramount

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