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Mr McClane or Mr Clean? First images from LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD turn up online!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm not the biggest Len W. fan - but I fucking love the Bruce. So I'm gonna hope that the collective nutjobs at Fox give this all the support it needs to kick the ass that a great DIE HARD film needs to kick. Bruce is looking... picardy in this one, eh? Interesting choice. Pics were evidently taken from BaltimoreSun.Com - fyi!

Hi Harry, It's the 30th September, 0650 in the UK and I have just found these pictures of Bruce Wilis shooting Live Free or Die Hard in Baltimore. If you or any other readers have posted these, then please ignore this. I'm not too sure but I think one of the pictures includes Len Wisemen talking to Bruce Willis whilst on set. I'd like to think I'm the first to notify you and the rest of the AICN readers. If this is so, call me BIG JIM AND THE TWINS
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