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UPDATED!! Weinstein Bros have a promotional poster for the KNIGHT RIDER movie in 2008?

Merrick here... We recently ran a detailed article discrediting the car seen in the image posted below, as well as discussing the script status of the film. The article 'tis here! Per the recent article, the poster below would be a fake. I do think that car is kind of cool, though. But it's not in the running for K.I.T.T. You can find out what more about the project via the link above.

Hey folks, Harry here... This got sent to me purporting to be a KNIGHT RIDER the movie promotional poster. Now mind you, I haven't heard of the screenwriter, director or cast - yet, but they've apparently got a poster and a car. It is not unusual for studios to create obscenely early posters like this to bring in investors as well as companies wanting to partner for the merchandize, video games and what not. So - it is reasonalble that the poster could exist. If so, I wouldn't mind having one - as I had a KITT poster on my wall through Junior High and some of High School. If they recast Michael Knight, who would you cast?

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