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A New Matt Stone Short Film.... Le Petit Package... a film about more than one happy dancing penis

Sometimes in the world of journalism there are stories that... well the traditional media won't print. Sometimes it's because of the heat from certain 'priggish' groups, or sometimes it's because of a word or two. Well David Poland and his HOT BUTTON column at well, he couldn't get this story up because of the amount of penises it contains. This is ludicrous. Have we really come so far in our society that words like "Penis" or "Vagina" are so upsetting that their use should be stricken from every obelisk? The next thing you know, we won't be able to use "Breasts" or "Buttocks", and God Forbid if we modify the words and phrases with terms like "flaccid" or "erect". Just so ya know, this was a short film that Matt Stone did for a small festival up in Park City during SUNDANCE.... It sounds funny, but not near as funny as the Penis Ninja short with the guy that would shake his penis at people and they would be knocked out. Well... here ya go....

Le Petit Package

A car drives up to a park. Matt Stone gets out. He takes a package out of the car. It is a gun. He puts the gun on the ground. He takes off his coat, his shirt, his pants. He is naked. He puts the gun to his head. The French music builds. And suddenly, his penis to dance to the music. Up and down and up and down. He is happy. It dances left and right and up and down. He smiles. And he dances long with his penis. A bicyclist drives by, seemingly not noticing. Then, a cop who smiles and waves. Then three unicyclists. Around and around the penis goes. Then, a guy in a sweater comes by. He drops his pants and his penis dances too. They both dance and their penises dance. Then, a third guy. And a fourth guy. Then, a clown. And a mime. And a black guy. Then a cute girl comes out with a trophy and gives it to the black guy. Then the girl gets on a swing behind the naked, dancing men and swings. Fade to black. The end.

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