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Goldfinger looks at why Ramis left GALAXY QUEST!!!

I've been following this film pretty closely and when it was announced that Harold Ramis had left the project, my interest began to plummet, and when I got this news.... well it nosedived even further. And that just plain sucks cause the world could always use another Harold Ramis comedy.... that guy's just among the best with it. Oh well... unless a miracle happens... we'll just put a scratch mark through this project for a bit.... ok?

Goldfinger here.

As I drove by DreamWorks the other day, I noticed a memo sitting out on the sidewalk. Intrigued by it, I noticed that it had something to do with GALAXY QUEST.

It seems that Harold Ramis has left the project. According to Variety, it was because he wanted to "take a break".

Whatever! What really happened was that after Kevin Klein passed on the project, Alec Baldwin was Ramis' #1 pick. But DreamWorks felt that Baldwin was too risky (and not a box-office draw), and they want: Tim Allen. Ramis, who doesn't want Allen, decided that he would rather leave the project instead.

Too bad - Ramis would have been the perfect director for this project.


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