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So Why Is Tom Hanks Reading A Charles Lindbergh Biography Right Now'

I've had about 25 of ya people send in a little factoid that appeared in the current NEW YORKER. Apparently our friend, Tom Hanks, is uh flipping through and pouring over with them beady eyes of his, a biography of Charles Lindbergh... Hmmmmm.... Spielberg says he wants to make a Charles Lindbergh film.... Hanks reading about Lindbergh... Hmmmmm.... Let's take a closer look at this. Allegedly the screenwriter Paul Attanasio (QUIZ SHOW, DONNIE BRASCO) is supposed to hand in a draft sometime in the first couple of months of 1999.

Well ya see, the next thing I heard Tom Hanks was going to do was THE CASTAWAY with Robert Zemeckis directing. He was going to play the healthy part, then have a several months off part, while Zemeckis filmed WHAT LIES BENEATH with Harrison Ford, then come back to shoot with a very skinny Tom Hanks.

Well, if memory serves, Charles Lindbergh was Tall and Thin (Jimmy Stewart) and if a Tall and Thin (Tom Hanks) steps up to play Mr Lindbergh than I am quite excited by the project. Let's see what happens...

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