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An Even Longer Longer Time Ago In A Galaxy Just As Far Away'

Hey folks, Harry here... first off I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates the past few days... thanks to the hell hole that is the Time Warner Road Runner Email Server - I haven't been getting email the past couple of days. Wheeee, fun. However, Buford The Bumbling Repairman at the WB seems to have pissed on the right sparkplug and the past couple of days' mail is slowing flowing in... just a mere 48 hours off. Gotta love instant communication! Anyways - you've probably seen the Daily Star story from England that's claiming that the Flannel One is plotting a prequel to da prequels involving Yoda kicking Sith ass. Now frankly - I am not a believer. I think the seeds of this rumor were sewn where George was kind of noncommittal to a question regarding making movies out of the Older Republic days... and possible Yoda adventures. I'm not sure if I could watch a whole film of Yoda speak... though that Yoda toy that tells me the story of all 6 Star Wars films is quite mesmerizing. However, despite Lucas' piracy belly-aching... The film is over 400 million world wide by now and easy half-billion - 2 billion with merchandizing is hard to turn down. Try as he must, I think the force is too strong to completely resist - though "Let it Go, Indiana," rings in my head.

HI Harry,

I don't know if you've heard any of this news or whispers in the industry,but according to a national newspaper over here in England George Lucas is apparently going ahead and making another Star Wars film.According to the newspaper he has a great idea to film a prequel to all 6 films and centre it around a young Yoda and his battle against the Sith and his training of the Jedi.I really want this rumour to be true as i think every fan gets excited at the thought of Yoda doing crazy stuff and showing his true power and skill(Remember how he disposed of Palpatines guards) and also because if done right it could outdo them all.

if you use this just call me Villatillidie

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