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Series Teams Carpenter,Corman, Cohen, Dante, Ellison, Gordon, Hooper, Landis, Matheson,Romero, Swan, McWeeny & MORE!!

Hey folks, Harry here.... this will be one of the key cool DVD events of the year. Each of these will be coming in at around 45 minutes to an hour each - I believe - and there's a chance they could air somewhere. The person who would know more would be that cad, Moriarty - he's apparently on good terms with one of the writing teams not on the trade ad that appeared in Hollywood Reporter - namely a "Scott Swan & Drew McWeeny." Lest you think they were being singled out due to their relative obscurity and dubious claim to being "Masters of Horror" - note that Harlan Ellison is also missing from the writer's credits - and certainly he is a very deserving Master of Horror. As for SS&DM's project - I haven't heard a peep out of them - but maybe we'll get a scoop out of the others. Here's the image:

I am – Hercules!!

Well, wow.

The Anchor Bay direct-to-video company is apparently producing “Masters of Horror,” a series of at least 13 one-hour movies written and/or directed by revered genre geniuses.

All 13 will be made, starting in April. Then, we hear, they will be shopped to HBO and Showtime. (And, I speculate, maybe even that Horror Channel we keep hearing is coming.)

Check out who’s directing!

* Dario Argento (“Suspira”)
* John Carpenter (“The Thing,” “Starman”)
* Larry Cohen (“It’s Alive,” “Q”)
* Roger Corman (“The Raven,” “Tales of Terror”)
* Don Coscarelli (“Phantasm,” “Bubba Ho-Tep”)
* Joe Dante (The “Gremlins” series, “The ‘burbs”)
* Mick Garris (“Critters 2,” “The Stand”)
* Stuart Gordon (“Re-Animator,” “From Beyond”)
* Tobe Hooper (“Poltergeist,” “Lifeforce”)
* John Landis (“American Werewolf in London,” “The Blues Brothers”)
* George Romero (“Night of the Living Dead,” “Dawn of the Dead”)

Check out who’s writing!

* Michael Brandt & Derk Haas (“2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Catch That Kid”)
* Harlan Ellison (“Star Trek,” “The Outer Limits”)
* Lawrence D. Cohen (“Carrie”)
* Matt Greenberg (“Halloween: H20”)
* Kim Henkel (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”)
* Steve Niles (“30 Days Of Night”)
* Richard Christian Matheson (“Tales From the Crypt”)
* Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan (Ain’t It Cool News)
* David Schow (“A Nightmare on Elm Street 5”)

Richard Christian Matheson is said to be adapting a tale by his father, Richard Matheson (“The Twilight Zone,” “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” “The Raven,” “Comedy of Terrors,” “The Night Stalker”).

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