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HELLBOY - cool photo & more!

Hey folks, Harry here... Just got back from New York, which went fantastic. BTW - check out John's Pizzeria... yumptious! Was all sorts of busy up there, but just now returning to normal... didn't sleep in the city that never sleeps, so when I got home, I did the unconcious thing, and woke up in the middle of the night... but you don't want to hear about that... You want to know what I'm doing talking about HELLBOY... Well, a SPYder sent the following photo and wondered about more HELLBOY info.

Well, the one-sheet for HELLBOY has been popping up all over the internet, but personally I wanted the red tweaked up a bit on the poster, as I felt it was a tad on the desaturated side of things.

Guillermo has been spending pretty much every waking hour on this sucker, and from the sound of his giddy voice, I'd say he's pretty much as happy as can be. The visual effects shots have been coming in and they've apparently making this thing seem more epic than it was just through the lens. That's saying something, because once you start seeing some of the sets that haven't been released yet... and you begin to get a grasp on the scope of this film... You'll be very happy. When I visited Guillermo out in Prague earlier this year, the set was a giant bridge that was being destroyed by... well, I won't tell, but watching ol stubby out racing the disentigrating bridge... it was something spectacular. The stunts, like that famous Indy riding the statue through the wall thing, were rigged for single attempts. Very dangerous stuff, but to see Hellboy, running and leaping as the bridge was being destroyed all around him... Amazing to watch... Amazing because this is the sort of thing you imagine all being done in computers these days, but here it was.

Then there was the scene of Liz in her bed as her powers go nuts and everything begins to burn around her... they had built the whole bed scene upside down so that the flames would look... otherworldly... then all the gas jets were lit and suddenly... suddenly I was looking through the monitor at something so insane it didn't look like it could be real. The flames burning about the bed, moving like liquid over the body of Selma Blair... like some sort of crazed CG effect, but not. This was what upside down fire does... Through Guillermo Navarro's cameras it became one of the most beautiful images I've seen captured live on set. Unfortunately I can't really talk about what I saw, as the action that was going on while I was on set was the VERY END OF THE MOVIE -- the final sequences (none of which have I spoilt here), and it isn't that I was asked not to talk about it... Just, in good conscience I wouldn't ruin the end of the film for you.

If you've read the numerous set reports that showed up around online... Folks like Nick at CHUD, well... they've nailed it. This is Guillermo's supreme work. On BLADE 2, the film was never entirely Guillermo's. It was Guillermo servicing a script by David Goyer under the confines of a Wesley Snipes / MARVEL franchise. Many noticed the lack of nuance in the characters, the lack of emotion that is usually very much in every frame of Guillermo's personal films like CRONOS and THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE. HELLBOY is the third Guillermo Del Toro movie. MIMIC and BLADE 2 were not entirely his, but HELLBOY... HELLBOY is the first time that Guillermo is getting the chance to just let his imagination run wild with everything the screen can do. He's got a "monster" as his central character, being the hero, he's always loved monsters as being. It has love and passion... not just between monsters and who they love, but Fathers and sons... The love between friendships, and the love between villains and their destinies. When you finally see HELLBOY, you'll understand that beneath all the fury of the images we're likely to see in the trailers... that this is very much Guillermo Del Toro and Mike Mignola's Fairy Tale come to life. I can't wait to see the trailer... I hear it's something amazing and should be attached to THE MISSING when it hits!

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