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Zillamon51 takes aim at JEEPERS CREEPERS 2!

Hey folks, Harry here... Got this review in last night, I'm expecting some more in the upcoming days... I was supposed to see it last night, but a pair of dear friends are leaving Austin to suffer in servitude to Professor Moriarty in his Spa and Resorts... massaging the loose skin from his frail bones... ewwwww.... Now they're gone to the land of swimming pools and movie stars. They'll register to vote to make sure Arnold makes KING CONAN instead of wasting time in Northern California... yeesh...

Greetings AICN!

While I browse this site on a regular basis, I've never written in before. The name I use on the net is Zillamon51. My site is Digital Monster Island, which is dedicated to reviews of giant monster movies (especially Japanese kaiju eiga) on DVD.

I just got back from an advance showing of the new horror flick, Jeepers Creepers 2. Several cast members stopped in Detroit as part of a promotional bus tour a couple of weeks ago, and that?s where I got passes to this free screening.

Let me begin by saying that I really enjoyed the original Jeepers Creepers. It was an effective, well-made horror film. The Creeper was a fascinating new villain who had the potential to become a horror icon like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger.

I went into JC2 wanting to learn more about the Creeper's biology and mythology. I was sorely disappointed. JC2 is nothing more than a brainless exercise in killing teens. Give Jason wings, and you have JC2. There are no sympathetic characters for the audience to root for. The few that had any potential in this area were never developed. The two young protagonists in the first film were believable and well-portrayed. The sequel contains nothing but a busload of obnoxious jocks for the Creeper to dispatch. There were a few story elements, like a farmer hunting the Creeper to avenge his son, which could have been interesting. However, they go nowhere. Ditto a girl who suddenly becomes psychic for no better reason than to explain to everyone what the Creeper is trying to accomplish.

Jeepers Creepers introduced a creature with a well thought-out physiology and a potentially fascinating history. All of that is abandoned in JC2 in favor of a meaningless exercise in special effects. I'm glad I didn't actually have to pay to see it.


-- Zillamon51

Webmaster of Digital Monster Island , the BEST online source for kaiju / tokusatsu DVD reviews. Come visit, and enjoy your stay, but please don't feed the monsters!

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